A Guide To Popular Wedding Themes

Themes are important to set the atmosphere and ambience of your wedding day. Deciding a wedding theme helps you envision an idea of your big day, which makes it easier to put together the details of the wedding planning.

Let’s check out some of the popular wedding themes to get you started to imagine how your wedding day will look like.

Traditional / Formal

The safest wedding theme of all and will never go out of style. A classic themed wedding is stylized with neutral colors, lush greenery and white florals, and clean lines. Tuxedos and ball gown dresses are in sight for a classic themed wedding.

Fill the wedding reception with a champagne cocktail hour accompanied by a jazz quartet will be perfect to start the event.

Suggested venues: mansion, vineyard, ballroom


Romantic wedding themes are the perfect choice for immersing your guests in your passionate endearment.

Dream-like settings with fresh and delicate floral arrangements, lots of soft-lit candles, and flowy pastel textiles are the key elements in a romantic wedding style. The soft ambience and decorations should evoke the feeling of coziness and intimate.

Because of the soft ambience that the decors evoke, this wedding theme is great for an intimate celebration.

Suggested venues: estate garden, castle, vineyard


If you and your partner have the affinity for lavish and luxurious life, you might love a glamourous wedding theme. It can be in any color scheme, with white as a predominant base color. It should be rich with sparkled details, candles and luxurious textures. You might need some details that creates a “wow-factor” such as tall centerpieces, a fireworks show, a luxurious looking entrance.

Suggested venues: ballroom, luxe estate, swanky rooftop


Think of a wedding reception set in an uplifting atmosphere when going for a whimsical wedding theme. This wedding theme is just as beautiful as its name—full of charm, dazzle, and shine.

Whimsical wedding themes are characterized by translucent textiles draped over chairs, vast colorful floral arrangements, plentiful bush of foliage, lots of fairy lights, and other quirky non-traditional wedding elements.

Suggested venues: greenhouse, backyard, mansion


This one of the very popular theme is also known as the Boho-Chic, and suitable for couples who are free-spirited.

In a bohemian-styled wedding, you’ll see lots of earthy elements and color schemes, plus statement details, like a dramatic wedding ceremony arch or hanging centerpieces. Cascading florals and dried pampas further highlight the bohemian atmosphere.

A bohemian wedding is usually casual and comfortable, feels laid-back, slightly sophisticated but fun and playful.

Suggested venues: botanical garden, desert, lakefront


The rustic wedding theme is the ideal match for couples who loves natural elements such as wood, rope and greenery centerpieces.

Organic decorative elements are the star of this wedding theme. Usually, it comes with a color palette of neutral and soft tones with natural elements like organic fabrics, wooden elements, lace, foliage and burlap.

Suggested venues: renovated barn, ranch, farm

Art Deco

Fancy of having a theme of glitz, glamour and partying like the Great Gatsby and the Roaring 20’s era? You might want to add in some geometric details and elements with a color scheme of gold, silver, white and black. Hire a lively jazz band to get your guests moving on the dance floor and vibe throughout the night.

Suggested venues: mansion, hotel ballroom, rooftop


A modern wedding theme is always linked to simplicity and minimalism. It is a sleek and elegant spin on any wedding celebration. Bold and dark color palette with a hint of metallics is one of the unique points of this wedding theme.

Adding a few contemporary elements can make the reception truly stand out. Think of geometric patterns, clean lines, and skipping lush foliage for desert plants for modern wedding decors.

Suggested venues: loft, wine bar, industrial warehouse


If you and your special someone are a huge fan of antiques and heritage, consider taking the vintage wedding theme for your big day.

For a vintage wedding, you might want to focus heavily on the Gilded Age and Victorian design—for starters, think candelabras, grandfather’s clock, teacups, filigree photo frames and repurposed furnitures.

Add a vintage car into the wedding decoration or use it as a grand exit from your wedding would look perfect.

Suggested venue: historic courthouse, garden, chapel


A beach wedding reception tops our minds when we say tropical wedding theme—but this doesn’t really require a beach venue just to achieve it.

A tropical wedding theme can be pulled off using vibrant colors of coral & turquoise, tropical foliage (the popular monstera, lush banana leaves, bright-colored birds of paradise, etc.), rich exotic florals, and rattan-infused ornaments.


Unconventional weddings became popular in the last few years and so is the laid-back and relaxed wedding theme.

If you want to incorporate a free and chill type of celebration to your wedding, a garden-themed wedding is one of the best choices.

What makes it different from other laid-back-styled wedding themes is the ambience of romanticism through the use of bountiful greeneries, fresh blooms, and other nature-inspired ornates.


If you want to have a mix of Southern and rustic style, you can consider the country theme. Include style details with elements like wooden cross-back chairs, wildflower-style arrangements, gingham prints and homemade pies.

Suggested venues: backyard, ranch, countryside meadow

Nautical / Beach

A celebration by the sea or on the yacht would perfectly fit this theme. Put in elements like breezy linen fabrics, lighthouse motifs, Breton stripes, oyster shell escort cards and blue watercolor stationery. If you can add some seafood into your menu would make the experience of the theme even better.

Suggested venues: waterfront, beach resort, yacht club, cruise

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