Our wedding planning checklist guides you through the planning process, helping you manage your time and to-do list – right up until your big day. 

Each wedding journey may differ from each couple depending on their needs, budget and timeline, but this checklist may serve as a general guideline to plan your wedding. Getting to know the rough order of when things needs to be done can help you to ensure you don’t miss out anything important. 

wedding planner

> 12 Months

Your budget is the most important element in the wedding, as it determines how your wedding can be organised, how many people can you invite, what are the decorations will be and influences many other aspects. Setting your budget checklist early and categorise it will save you a lot of time in making decisions in every part of your wedding planning. You wouldn’t want to encounter the mistake of planning everything perfectly and lastly realise that you do not have the budget to run it.

Guest list is as important as setting your budget. It is also the foundation of determining what goes next in planning. Organising for a 50-pax wedding and 500-pax wedding is totally different. The budget will be totally different, venue options will be different between small and large groups. Here’s a guide on how to make a guest list for your wedding.

If you have the budget to hire a wedding planner, by all means do it. It will save you a lot of time, effort and stress. After all, your wedding is an event that you should enjoy and celebrate happily, and not becoming stressed out of it.

They are also the people that know who are the best vendors to work with to make your wedding day perfect. 

Here’s a guide to find the right wedding planner.

With the current technology and abundance of information, it is simply easy to source for ideas. Pinterest, Instagram and Wedding publications are one of the best sources to look for.

Research and shortlist the potential vendors that you might want to hire for your wedding.

wedding table setup

> 11 Months

You have to set a main theme and concept for your wedding, so it would make it easier for you to take the next steps. Your wedding would also look better with a consistent designs in accordance to your theme.

Several important vendors such as photographer, cinematographer, wedding stylist has to be decided early on. You will need to work on the idea with them and they will also need some time to work out on the details and process the outcome into a desirable one.

Scout for possible venues for the ceremony and reception, as well as the caterer. Block your shortlisted dates with the venue & food operators before finalising the actual date. It is even better if you can confirm the dates as early as possible to avoid any disappointment. Wedding venues often gets booked very early in advance, so although you must not make hasty decision, you should also act quickly.

If you are not a regular workout person, you can begin your workout routine to make sure you are fit for your wedding day. It is not only about being in a good body shape, but exercising will help you reduce stress that you will need to cope in the coming months.

wedding gown photography

> 10 Months

Looking for your best wedding attire might take some time as you visit the bridal houses. You can begin to search online, so it will be easier to tell the employees of the bridal houses of what you are looking for. It will save a lot of time.

Publishing a website might help you to save a lot of time in informing updates regarding your wedding. Alternatively, you can use the social media such as the Facebook Page to publish your updates as well. But a wedding website will look more beautiful and memorable for you and your partner. If you have the budget for a wedding website, it will be a great addition to make your wedding planning easier and a memorable one.

If you have guests who comes from faraway locations, and they need your assistance for accommodation, it is wiser to work with them early and make the necessary bookings.

You can get designers to begin drafting your invitation card’s design and content. Usually it will take several amendments before it is perfect to be send out.

Discuss with your team of photographer & cinematographer on your pre-wedding photoshoot and also the actual day shoot. Grasp an idea of what the team is planning for you so it is easier for you to give them your best look and angle on the day.

Your photographer & cinematographer is not necessarily from the same vendor, but it is a beneficial if they come from the same company. It is much easier for them to collaborate and making sure your content of memories is in the same style.

bridal couple photoshoot

> 9 Months

Once your wedding attire has been confirmed, arrange with your photographers for a bridal portrait photoshoot. 

Maid of Honour, Best Man, bridesmaid, groomsmen, ring bearer, flower girls and others. Ask for their approval and let them know their roles early. Everyone have their commitments, and you do not want your best friends to be away during your wedding.

Prepare relevant documents for the official legalisation of marriage.

wedding table setup and design

> 8 Months

All sports team have their jerseys and attire, and so does your wedding team of bridesmaid and groomsmen. Discuss with them and choose the best attire to suit your wedding day.

Determine the theme and colour for your decoration and styling. 

With all the important details decided and few months to go before your wedding invitations need to be sent, you should get your stationeries designed and ordered.

> 7 Months

Book for your favourite type of entertainer, emcees, DJs, etc before other couples grab them. You are not the only one getting married. 

Once your wedding concept and them has been confirmed, hire your florist and wedding stylists to work on the details.

You can also find out the symbolism of flowers and what does each flower means.

Make sure that all equipments and accessories that you needed is arrranged; such as  lightings, sound systems, photo booth, chairs, tables, tents, etc.

Meet up and discuss with the officiant and make sure that you have all the official documents ready for the wedding.

Send out Save the Dates or notifications to block the dates of your guests.

> 6 Months

Get your preliminary guest list out, and amend it accordingly.

Meet with your florist and stylists to prepare the in-detailed styling of your wedding setup and design.

> 5 Months

Whether it is a limo for you and your partner or transportation for your guests from out-of-town.

If you are having your honeymoon after your wedding day, you will need to make the necessary bookings and preparations.

> 4 Months

Discuss with your hair stylists and make up artists about the styles that you prefer.

Give a small token of appreciation or souvenir for those who have attended your wedding day. 

Once you have the estimated list of guests that might attend, it is time to send them an official invitation and to get the exact headcount.

wedding table planning

> 3 Months

Fully occupied seatings would make your wedding day look good, and it will also save a lot of budget to check for their attendance.

Being your planning with your floor manager, emcee and other related vendors related to your programme on the day.

You got to make sure that the food quality is of what you want or what suits the general taste of your crowds.

During this time, it is also good to have a meeting with your caterer to discuss on the food details and special dietary requirements from your guests.

bridal shower

> 2 Months

You may have some favourite songs that you want to play on the night, or certain songs that have sweet memories with your spouse.

Plan for your bridal shower, bachelorette party and bachelor night. After that long wedding planning, you need to have a good break before the real big day.

The best is to get your key members to organise the pre-wedding parties. All you’ve got to do is to enjoy the time, you don’t want to end up too stressed with all the plannings.

Get your family and friends to help in those little things. 

to my beautiful bride

> 1 Months

Pack and make sure all the gift favours or door gifts are enough for your guests.

Make phone calls to those who have yet to RSVP to get the final headcount.

This is important as the next step will be to draft the floor plan and seating chart.

Run through the seating arrangements and floor plan with your wedding planner as well as your family. Seating arrangement is important as you do not want close families seated far apart from each other; or guests who do not know each other at all seated together.

The caterer should also be aware of the seating arrangements if there is any special dietary requirements.

Get your important vendors to meet-up and run through the event. They must be clear of what they should do in every minute.

Prepare your speech, toasts and emcee scripts. You should also decide who will be making other speeches and toasts

You also need to make sure those giving speeches are aware of their timing slot and order of wedding speeches.

> Final week

Pamper yourself and make sure you look good for your big day after a long and stressful period of preparations.

Get final haircut, trimming, and hair dye.

Your body shapes and size changes from day-to-day. Nobody in the world would want their wedding attire to fit badly in them. So better have a final fitting and get. the tailor to make any necessary amendments.

You wouldn’t have time to go to the banks or issue cheques on your wedding day. Ensure it is ready and pay them on the day.

Delegate someone to carry your things,  sort out wedding gifts and other small tasks.

Make sure all wedding day items are packed or in place. Put it in a place where you could remember or delegate it to a responsible person.

> Night before & day-of wedding

Browse through the programme the night before one final time and make sure everything is in order. 

Rings are the most important. symbol of your wedding, you have to make sure you or the person responsible to bring the rings along to the venue.

Relax, smile and enjoy the biggest day of your life!

Even if your wedding is in indoors, rain can be a hassle if you have to travel from one place to another. So check the weather, prepare the umbrellas if necessary, or make a contingency plan.

> After the wedding

Make sure all payments are given to vendors.

Ensure all rented equipments, clothes and accessories are returned to the vendors.

Send thank you messages or notes to all those who have helped and attended your wedding.

Enjoy your honeymoon and savour every moment of your marriage.

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