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Customising Sneakers for Your Wedding

Are you thinking of doing something out of the norm, something unconventional for your wedding? Have you thought of sneakers as an option for your feet during your big day?

Sneakers for wedding is a choice to some for various purposes. Maybe you dislike or you’re just tired of wearing heels. Or are you a street dance experts, and you want to change to sneakers to perform for your guests on the dance floor? Or you might want it to be in your wedding photoshoot because both of you are a fan of sneakers? It can also be a gift for both of you, that you can wear it anytime after the wedding day. Or you just want to do something out of the ordinary on your big day?

For whatever purpose it is for, sneakers were a big no during the yesteryears. Never has one thought of using these shoes as part of their wedding props or footwear. With the creativity of designers, sneakers can now be part of a wedding.

Wedding Converse

There are quite a number of designers which can customise your favourite shoes or sneakers, and Wedding Converse is one of them that can perfectly customise shoes that fit in your wedding theme.

Wedding Adidas
Photography // Marianne Taylor
Legs // Beth
wedding sneakers
Photography // Heledd Roberts
Bride // Gemma
wedding shoes
Photography // Pierra G Photography
Bride // @siangworld
wedding converse
Photo by @gregzed
wedding converse
Photo // Eva Grin Photography
Bride //@ziwwwy
wedding converse
Photography // Miriam Lunde
wedding converse
Photography // Marianne Taylor
Wedding Converse
Photo by Lauren Adato

Pretty cool sneakers for your wedding, huh?

If you want more ideas on how you can customise the sneakers, you can get some inspiration from Wedding Converse’s website.

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