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A Guide To Pre-Wedding Events

Weddings is not only a one-day event, but a series of different occasions and event to plan. Other than the wedding ceremony and reception, there are plenty of other pre-wedding events that allow you to celebrate and gather family and friends together. Although many people organizes pre-wedding events, it is optional and not necessarily required. Ultimately, it depends on your budget, timeline and preference.

The Engagement Party

What is an engagement party?

An engagement party is usually the first pre-wedding event after your proposal and it can range from a formal to a casual event. You’ll want to have it within the first few months of your engagement to celebrate the wonderful news fresh. It’s not uncommon to have more than one engagement party, especially if you have various groups of loved ones in different cities. 

Why you should have an engagement party?

Start your celebrations off with a bang! The primary reason to have an engagement party is to celebrate your exciting news with your loved ones. While it certainly can me a good way for two families to get to know each other better, experts recommend making the first introduction prior to the party.

Who hosts the engagement party?

An engagement party is hosted by either one of the families. This pre-wedding party may also be hosted by relatives or friends. Engagement parties are usually not huge. You’ll likely want to keep it to close family members and friends. Be aware that anyone invited to your engagement party will expect an invitation to the main event.

The Bridal Shower

What is a bridal shower?

Traditionally, a bridal shower is an all-female celebration to honor the bride, but it can also be in the form of the couple where both the bride and groom are present. In the event, guests enjoy a meal and, often, some games, and the bride then opens her shower gifts in front of everyone.

Why do I need a bridal shower?

This pre-wedding party is a nice way to gather with a more intimate group of loved ones as you approach your wedding day. It is also traditionally the time where friends and family gift household items to the betrothed.

Who hosts the bridal shower?

As this event is traditionally for the ladies, usually the bridesmaids or mother of the bride will host the bridal shower. Sometimes there are two or more showers, hosted by different loved ones. While bridal showers traditionally have a female-only guest list, nowadays, the shower guest list can be comprised of any close friends or family members.

The Bachelor Party

What is a bachelor party?

One of the most popular pre-wedding event, the bachelor party is a celebratory event where the groom parties with his side of the wedding party. Bachelor are traditionally wild nights out, but nowadays, they typically reflect the groom or team’s preference and it can range from a trip to another city, relaxing spa visits, outdoor adventures, clubbing and bar hopping.

Why you should have a bachelor party?

It is a party! This pre-wedding is a nice way to bond with friends and take a break amid the stress of wedding planning. 

Who host the bachelor party?

The key members of the groom usually hosts the bachelor party, headed by the best man.

The Bachelorette

What is a bachelorette?

Similar to the bachelor party, a bachelorette include going out with your bridesmaids either for drinks and dancing, or a fun getaway.

Why you should have a bachelorette party?

After several months of planning and preparing for your wedding, take the time to unwind and celebrate this time of your life with the group that has been with you along the way.

Who hosts the bachelorette?

The maid or matron of honor traditionally hosts a bachelorette party, but it can also be a combined effort by the bridesmaids.

The Bridesmaid Luncheon

What is a bridesmaid luncheon?

This pre-wedding party is an intimate gathering for members of the bridal party and usually held a few days before the wedding day. This event is a thank you celebration for the bridal party, mothers, and flower girls who have contributed to a successful wedding planning.

Why you should have a bridesmaid luncheon?

The luncheons are a nice way to thank the bridesmaids for assisting during the wedding planning process, and a setting where the bride can present bridesmaid gifts to her crew. It’s also a way to enjoy a meal in a relaxing setting before the craziness of the wedding day begins.

Who hosts the bridesmaid luncheon?

The bride usually hosts this pre-wedding party and invites all of the bridesmaids, as well as the flower girls, mothers of the bride and/or groom, and potentially any extremely close female relatives who may not be included in the bridal party. 

The Welcome Party

What is a welcome party?

Usually a more casual affair than the wedding itself, a welcome party kicks off the celebrations and may include toasts to the couple. Most of the time, it is for your family and friends who travel from out of town and faraway to mingle with each other.

Why you should have a welcome party?

If you have guests coming from out of town, welcome gift bags to give out, or just want to start the party atmosphere early!

Who hosts the welcome party?

Usually, the groom will hosts the welcome party.

The Rehearsal Dinner

What is the rehearsal dinner?

The rehearsal is held to ensure that the real wedding day runs smoothly and everyone knows their role and responsibilities. And of course, you’ve got to prepare meals for those who comes for the rehearsal. Therefore, it can be held following the wedding rehearsal or you can even have it before the rehearsal. It can be an intimate celebration including just close family members and the wedding party, or a larger event for the entire guest list. It also allows your wedding party to get acquainted with your families and important guests. The rehearsal dinner can also be held alongside the welcome party.

Why you should have the rehearsal dinner?

It’s hospitable to provide your loved ones with a meal the evening before your wedding, and it’s a relaxing way for your guests to meet, mix, and mingle before the big day. 

Who hosts the rehearsal dinner?

The groom’s family traditionally hosts this event. But nowadays, either or both family or the couple themselves may host this pre-wedding party. 

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