Wedding websites has grown recently for engaged couples. It is pretty useful to design a website for your wedding.

Having a wedding website will make a lot of things easier, especially when it comes to informing your wedding details to your family and guests. It serves as the go-to resource for them to refer about your wedding. As the big day draws near, it is important to keep your guests in the loop of any updates or changes.

It can even serve as a site to keep memories if the couple would like to maintain the website, or it could be a blog to record their lives as a married couple.

With the advancement of website development tech, there are many tech companies that provide user-friendly web development apps. Unless you want a beautifully designed website with sophisticated features, there are many DIY apps for you to use.

But what content should we put up on a wedding website? Continue reading below, and we’ve got you covered on what is important wedding information to be included.

The Basics

Make sure the basic details are covered in your website, and should be inserted in the home page, so when your guests log to your website, it gives them the general idea of what is it about. It is common for guests to overlook these important basic details and have to call you up at the very last minute when you’re already busy with the wedding preparations.

Who’s the bride & groom? – Make sure they are at the website of the right couple.

When is the wedding? – Date & time is important, ensure that they remember it.

Where is the wedding? – You do not want them to call you up at the very last minute and ask for the directions.

Location & Logistics

You may have stated the location in the home page, but it is good to insert a map and a direction in the website. This is important especially if you have guests coming from other cities or countries.

Besides the map, giving them an idea of how they can travel to the venue would help them a lot, whether it is by public transportation, or if they are driving.

If you have designated a car park space which is pretty far away from your venue, and you a providing a shuttle service, these information will be helpful.

When you have guests coming from other cities and countries, you might want to include other resources into the website; such as which hotel to stay, where are the nearby restaurants, things to do around the area. Coming from far away, they would want to spend some time around the city too.


Some weddings might have a number of events and programmes in their list. Give your guests a good roundup of what is in the plan, and where should they be at a specific time so they can enjoy the moment together.


If your website have the features of directly responding to your invitations with just a couple of clicks, by all means, do it. If not, you can always use the Facebook’s event features or just put up the ways to RSVP on your website.

Remind them of the date to RSVP too! It helps you to arrange your guests lists and seatings by avoiding last minute confirmations. Tracking your guest attendance is a time-consuming effort. Try to get their RSVP as early as possible.

Your RSVP can also include their dietary requirements, so you get the caterers to prepare the right foods for your guests.

Seating Arrangements

Put up your floor plan and seating arrangements so that your guests know where they are seated at before they even arrive at the venue. It saves a lot of time and manpower to actually guide them to the seats on the day.

Pssttt… they might even secretly tell you beforehand if they doesn’t want to seat with certain people. Not everybody gets along well with others. You may avoid unnecessary negativity on that night.

Important People & Contact

You may want to put up the important people to look for during your wedding events. If there is any emergency, who they should look for, or where they should go to.

You can also briefly introduce your parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen or the wedding vendors. If you have hired some good musician or DJ, it could be something that your guest will look forward to.

Theme & Wedding Attire

Guests who wears according to your wedding theme will make your wedding look perfect especially in photos. Give them a basic idea of what your theme is about, so they have time to plan to look the best on the day.

Your Love Story

Your guests do not want to log into your website just to look at the details. Share your love story on your website, how you have met, what are the special moments that you cherish, and many more.

Show your beautiful pre-wedding photos up on the website. If you have more photos that tells the timeline between you and your spouse, it would be useful to tell your love story.

If you can maintain the website even after your wedding, it will be a site where both of you will look back on for years to come.

Stay Organised

Finally, having a website also helps you to stay organised. By looking at those details, you’ll basically know what is already prepared and done, and what is not.

It is also to help your guests to organise themselves for your wedding. Be reminded that it is not only you that have to do the planning. They have to plan to make their transportation arrangements, their attire, their accommodation and many more.