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How To Choose A Wedding Photographer


No matter how perfect you planned your wedding and how amazing it is styled, it is only a one-time celebration. Therefore, it is important to get the right photographer to capture the moments beautifully so you can reminisce it as both of you grow old together.

With so many options out there, it can be a little difficult to make decision on which photographer to get. But if you could set some simple guidelines and principles, it could be pretty easy to trim down the choices and finally pick the right photographer.

We’ve compiled some of the tips from people who have experienced it to help you out.


Setting your budget is the most important thing to do when you need to decide on wedding photography. Most photographers publish their starting prices and photography packages on their website. Find those that are within your budget range, and add-in the possibility of paying for additional charges as well. It is important to identify their rates as you do not want to find a photographer that you like so much and discovering that it is way beyond your budget.

Know Your Style

Instead of researching for the photographers first, try browsing through wedding photos in social media. Do you like candid, classic, a mix of colour and black-and-white, creative or contemporary?  Save those styles that you love and use it to find the right photographer that can capture the moments in that style.

Some versatile photographers can adapt to any wedding styles while some may specialise only in specific themes. Check their portfolios on their websites and social media. This is important as the photographs should tell the story of the day, all flow and all be equally as beautiful. You want each photo to be consistent in quality and look. 

You can then shortlist the wedding photographers who can deliver the styles and techniques that you want.

Recommendations And Reviews

Ask your family and friends for recommendations. Nothing beats the information that you can get from word of mouth. You might also want to read the photographers’ review on their social media, Google, and perhaps wedding websites.

A reputable photographer will have lots of testimonials and reviews from clients they’re happy to share with you and can put you in touch with previous clients. Happy clients will also definitely drop good testimonials for their photographers. If you notice a photographer that has been around for a long time, but haven’t receive any reviews, you might need to think twice.

Arrange A Meeting

Schedule a meeting, if possible face-to-face as the photographer is the person that needs to connect with you throughout the event. You need to know how they work with their clients. You need to know how they talk to people as they will be making contact with the people around your wedding. Do they put you at ease? Do you feel they understand what you want? 

Prepare a list of questions before you have a chat with them, so that you won’t forget the details that you need to confirm with your photographer.

Do They Know Your Venue?

This is not the most important criteria for a photography services, after all, it is impossible for a photographer to know each wedding venue very well. But it will be an additional points for them if they are familiar with the venue that you hold your wedding. They understand the lighting conditions, where is the best spot to have photos, which angle to capture and where not to.

You might also want to ask your wedding venue operator for a list of recommended photographers. If it suits your style and budget, you can add it into your shortlist.

Book An Engagement Shoot

It is not compulsory for a wedding, but if you have the budget, you can book for an engagement shoot as a trial run. It is a good way to know how your photographer operates, gauge chemistry, and see the outcome of their style.

The right photographer should be respectful and have the social know-how to blend into your wedding, yet still be bold enough to seek out the shots they need. 

Additionally, it also gives you more confidence towards your wedding and less anxious during the real day. You’ll get prepared ahead of how to pose and when your photographers will take the shot.

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