long sleeved wedding dress

Modern Long Sleeve Wedding Dress for the Bride

Some people will think long-sleeved wedding dress as overly conservative, boring and not sexy. But modern fashion designers have managed to bring the long sleeve into the trend. With famous royals and celebrities like Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Miranda Kerr and Olivia Palermo donning it, many brides are convinced to getting the long-sleeved as their big day’s attire.

The fashion designers have make use of the idea to make it look modern, sexier with different styles and designs. It could be from a minimalist design, one with lace patterns, or a design with daring cuttings.

If you would like to explore more on long sleeved bridal dress, here’s a few that might give you a start of whether you will love it or not.

long sleeved wedding dress
Formally Yours | www.formallyyoursga.com
All Who Wander | www.essensedesigns.com/all-who-wander/
long sleeved wedding dress
Hayden Olivia | www.haydenolivia.com
Rita Vinieris | www.ritavinieris.myshopify.com/
Long sleeved wedding dress
Liza Ray | www.liza-ray.com/
long sleeved wedding dress
Off White | www.offwhitebride.com/
long sleeved wedding dress
Cathy Telle | www.cathytelle.com/
long sleeved bridal dress
Ramon Herrerias | www.ramonherrerias.com/
long sleeved bridal dress
Jurgita Bridal | www.jurgitabridal.com/
long sleeved bridal gown
Flossy & Dossy | www.flossyanddossy.co.uk/

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