the first look of the bride and groom

Precious Emotions of a Wedding’s First Look Captured by Photographers


The first look of the bride and groom can be very emotional. Despite knowing and loving each other for a very long time, it still touches your heart when you look at your partner for the first time on the wedding day.

It can be touching for some couples, sometimes it is all smiles, jaw-dropping scenes, or it could create some funny moment.

To many photographers and couples, the first look allows the bride and groom to relax themselves before embracing the official ceremony which at times could be stressful for them.

The photos capture at the first look and the first touch of the wedding day is a treasure that can be kept and look at many years down the road. It brings back the feelings and the wonderful memories of how the couple has went through their lives.

What kind of moment is your favourite wedding’s first look?
bride and groom first look
“being able to capture such special moments like this makes me feel so dang lucky to do what I do”

Photography by Miranda Anderson |
bride and groom's wedding first look
“First look feels for the win every single time. 95% of my couples choose to do a first look and I’ve never heard of a single regret. Quite the opposite, they feel more relaxed, have more fun once they are together.”

Photography by Jessie Casey |
bride and groom first look at the Acadia National Park
“First look overlooking the Acadia National Park.”

By 1783 Photography |
Wedding first look at the Santorini
“Having a First Look at your wedding, is a definite way to create emotional images, and a bit of fun and surprise, and also relieve some stress before the actual ceremony. Here is Rob, admiring his wife-to-be, Natasja.”

Photography by Elias Kordelakos |
the bride waiting for her bridesmaid to turn over for the first look
“Moments & Smiles”

Photography by Macy Frances |
the wedding first look
“Behind every great man is an even greater woman.”

Photo of Stephanie Ip by Kauzrambler |
The jaw dropping groom at the first look of his bride
“First look reaction goals. We had to pick Keane’s jaw up off the floor after he laid eyes on his gorgeous bride.”

Photography by Union Eleven |
A cute photo of the bride squeezing the groom's bum
“To have and to hold…. And to squeeze the bum”

Photo of Shauna Iverson
the emotional first touch and first look at the wedding
An emotional first touch and first look of the wedding day.

Photography by Joshua & Parisa |
the first look of the bride and groom
“The first look. Always and exciting moment.”

By Mati Photography |

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