The first dance is considered the official opening of the dance party by the newly married couple. It is the highlight of any wedding where the couple is celebrated for their love and unity.

The moment of the first dance is an intimate one, with all the guests focusing on the bride and groom beginning a lifelong journey with each other.

The body movement and expression of the couple reveals a harmony and never ending love between the two.

If you are getting married soon and you want to look good in front of your guests, perhaps you want to practice a few dance steps with your partner.

Here’s some photos that we have compiled with different expressions, body language and mood of the couple’s first dance.

The First Dance
Photography by Projekt 35
The first dance of the bride and groom
Stevi & Cole
Photography by Cori ann
The wedding dance
Sarah & Chris
Photography by Jaimee Morse
The First Dance
Vanessa & Aaron
Photography by Rahul de Cunha Pictures
The wedding dance photo
Dotota & Marcin
Photography by White Fox Photo
The bride and groom's first dance
Tom & Amanda
Photography by Andrew Billington
the wedding dance party
Mariell & Alex
Photography by Michael Geyer
First Dance
Anna & Marek
Photography by Backstage Studio
The couple's first dance
Kayla & Greg
Photography by Alicia Martire