The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Flower Meanings And Symbolism

Flower is an essential element in any wedding celebration’s decor, but you may not realize that it is far more important than just a decoration. Almost every flower has a symbolic meaning to a wedding. So if you want a decor with specific meaning that tells a story, you’ve got to plan beyond the color and design alone. From your bridal bouquet to your ceremony arrangements, there are so many ways to instil your personality into the wedding day florals.


Alstroemeria symbolizes devotion, wealth, prosperity and fortune—all good things to wish upon your new life as a married couple.


Amaranthus symbolizes unfading love.


Amaryllis comes in a variety of bold colors. With its lily-like style, it has rightfully made a name for itself in the botanical world as a “splendid beauty.”


 Anemone comes from the Greek word for “windflower” and symbolizes anticipation.


Anthurium stands for hospitality and has a Cupid-inspired shape that will fit right in.

Baby’s Breath

Like an extra in a movie who stays in the background, this popular bouquet and centerpiece filler — which signifies innocence and purity of heart — is often used to support the star flowers. It can also stand for everlasting love.

Calla Lily

With its trumpet shape and elegant air, the calla lily more than stands up to its meaning: regal.


The pink variety means gratitude, and white is pure love, but stay away from a striped hue, which represents rejection and disappointment.

Cherry Blossom

Couples who want to incorporate these delicate pink buds, which symbolize the fragility of life, better act fast: They’re only around for a few short weeks in the spring.


Blooming in a wide variety of colors from white to purple and pink, clematis symbolizes ingenuity and mental beauty.


This beautiful flower represent new beginnings, which are tailor-made for a couple’s big day.


Lush dahlias, much beloved in the wedding world, stand for dignity and elegance.


With dainty white petals, a yellow center, and a meaning of innocence, the daisy’s free spirit vibe can be a beautiful addition to a wildflower bouquet, and it works perfectly with casual weddings.


This sunny-hued plant means anticipation, and it’s the perfect way to add a pop of color to an arrangement.


This beauty originated in Africa and represents innocence and friendship.


This tropical treasure, known for its fragrance and waxy, pointed petals, symbolizes joy, purity and sweet love.

Gerbera Daisy

Available in a wide variety of bright colors and a name that means cheerfulness.


It’s marriage-ready symbolizing both perseverance and heartfelt emotion.


The iris represents three important entities: faith, valor, and wisdom. It’s also best known for its deep purple hue.


Newlyweds choose it because it exemplifies graciousness.


It symbolizes both beautiful spirit and fickleness.


Give it a place in your arrangements for what it symbolizes: devotion, loyalty and virtue.


Consider walking down the aisle carrying a bouquet of this bloom that exudes the meaning of first love ad youthful innocence. 


The symbol of modesty and virginity, the white variety of this timeless flower is a wedding staple. The other shades also have a significant meaning: The orange lily symbolizes passion while yellow represents gaiety.

Lily of the Valley

Its symbolism makes perfect sense: sweetness and purity of heart. The flower is also thought to represent a return to happiness.


Fittingly, it symbolizes nobility and dignity.


Orchids have a meaning of refined beauty and charm, everything that this stunning bloom symbolizes.


This springtime bloom symbolizes a happy marriage, and it’s the ideal big, bold flower to make a statement in a beautiful bouquet.


A red poppy is linked to pleasure while yellow stands for wealth and success. But steer clear of white, which signifies consolation.


The flower symbolizes radiant charm and attractiveness.


If you want your bridal bouquet to tell the world how you feel about your better half, nothing says it better than red roses, which symbolize passionate love. Pink (admiration) and white (purity) say a lot, too.


Big and lush, sunflowers—symbolizing dedicated love—are beloved for their striking appearance and look-at-me allure.


Overall, tulips are a symbol of love and passion. This darling beauty comes in many colors, specifically each of them have a different meaning. Among them: Red means declaration of love, yellow is sunshine, white is respect, and the variegated kind symbolizes beautiful eyes.


Couples love it for the gorgeous variety of colors like magenta (symbolizing lasting affection) and scarlet (symbolizing constancy).

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