If you are someone who is unconventional and always loves to do something different, go with a wedding pants instead of the traditional gown.

There are now more brides that are choosing to skip the skirts and gowns for an outfit by going a bit more modern and comfortable.

We have curated some inspirations and we think these bridal pants and jumpsuits is as chic and gorgeous as a bridal gown.

If you don’t think the bride suits to wear pants and jumpsuits, you can also consider it for your bridesmaids instead.

Bridal fashion
Bridal Fashion by Demetrios
Photography by Mutoo Bridal
wedding pants fashion
Bridal Fashion by Maggie Sottero
Photography by Travis Harris
wedding pants fashion in Australia
Bridal Fashion by Babushka Ballerina
Wedding pants
Bridal Fashion by Newhite
wedding pants
Bridal Fashion by Cathleen Jia
wedding pants fashion at Chicago
Bridal Fashion by Varca Bridal
Photography by Danielle Simone & Co.
wedding pants fashion at Brooklyn New York
Bridal Fashion by NK Bride
wedding pants fashion in France
Bridal Fashion by Audacieuse Adelaide
Photography by Yoris Photographer
Wedding Pants
Bridal Fashion by Sanyukta Shrestha