Making your ideal wedding work according to your plan is not an easy task. There are bound to be challenges and mistakes arising throughout the process. Sometimes, even hired professionals will make mistakes. No human is perfect, after all. Although small matters and mistakes can be ignored, there are common big mistakes that couples often make.

If you are wondering what are the common mistakes so that you can avoid making it, here’s the list.

Budgeting Errors

It may be a sensitive topic when it comes to money, but wedding is a good place to prepare yourself with a topic that you will spend the rest of your life discussing with your spouse.

The most common mistake that a couple makes during wedding planning is not setting a budget or overspending the budget that you have set.

Your budget is the most important element in the wedding, as it determines how your wedding can be organised, how many people can you invite, what are the decorations will be and influences many other aspects.

Therefore, plannings should be made only after setting the budget. Many couples often make the mistake of planning an ideal wedding and ended up having not enough budget to run it. You will then be disappointed of having to downsize the quality of your wedding.

Make sure you set your budget early and keep track of your expenditure so you don’t overspend.

Trying to Do it All Alone

If you are lucky to have family and friends to offer their assistance to help you organise your wedding, accept it. It is not easy for one or two person to organise such a huge event. Hire professionals to handle tasks like photography, cinematography, emcee, designing, and many more.

If you have the budget, hire a wedding planner to manage the overall wedding event.

Packed Venue

It is surely more cost-efficient to fully utilise every corner of your venue for your guests. But we have to remember that your guests would want to move around to social with family and friends. Your wedding might be about the both of you, but they would want to take the opportunity to keep in touch with other family members and friends too.

Don’t forget to prepare an ample space for your dance floor too!

Skipping Video

Cinematography or recording the movie scene of your wedding might be a bit costly, but if your budget allow, include it in. Many couples have regretted over for not having the movie version of their big day recorded and kept in memories.

By hiring a professional cinematographer, you’ll relive those special moments of your big day that you want to treasure for a lifetime.

Confirming the Caterer Without Details

Catering will probably take up a huge portion of your budget and it’s important to make sure the details are clear and being taken care of. You do not want the caterer asking you to pay for additional stuff that was not discussed prior to confirming the contract.

Check whether the waiters, bartenders and other support staff are supplied; alcohol varieties and brands, the list of foods and beverages included; and breakdowns of other supplies and services that will be charged.

Don’t be surprise that your budget is blown out if you do not check on the details.

Did Not Confirm the Number of Guests

Guest RSVP is an important information to ensure that your wedding is organised perfectly. While we couldn’t get a 100% response from the guests, we have to get as many of them to provide you a confirmation.

Don’t end up having more guests than you expect and it will make your venue become over-packed.

This is to help to keep your budget manageable.

Getting a Friend’s Help Instead of Hiring a Pro

While getting a friend to help can save cost, there are certain tasks that requires the skills of the professionals.

Things that you want to keep as memories like photos and videos must be taken and edited by the pros. You wouldn’t want to get a friend or family member to shoot and ended up with angles that are not beautiful.

Don’t try to get your family to bake a wedding cake for you too, unless they are professional bakers.

If you are able to hire vendors to handle the whole wedding event, then why not? Your friends and family are there to celebrate with you, make sure they spend a good time with you on the day instead of being busy.


You’ve obtain and paid for the services of professionals for your wedding. All you have to do is to give them a clear guideline and what are you expecting. Then trust them to do their job professionally.

Don’t get into the way of your wedding stylists to decide on which light bulbs to use, or advise your designer on which font to use for your wedding invitation, or which glass to use for the cocktails.

It will just add more stress to yourself, and you will not be happy on the day of your life. Before you decide on your vendors, read their reviews and testimonials, and once you confirm of getting their services, just trust them to do the best for you.

Not Having A Rain Plan

This is very important when you have an outdoor wedding. Too many people are tempted to rely on weather forecast or being too confident that things will go according to their plan. Once it rains, there will be no turning back if you do not have a backup plan.

Even if your wedding is organised indoors, you might need some plans on transportation, umbrellas, and some minor things that will be affected by rain.

It is always good to pay attention on the little details. It will make your wedding looks perfect even if it rains.

Trying to Please Everyone

Every single guest that you invite has different preferences and opinion. They might like different types of foods. They may listen to different genre of songs. They may or may not drink alcoholic drinks. They would have different perception on how weddings should be organised.

Therefore, it is impossible for you to make sure that every single person is happy.

Wedding is YOUR biggest day of your life. As long as you are making it right for you and your spouse, just do it. It is all about both of you.