Confetti is an element that adds to its fun, lustre and happy vibes in any wedding event. It gives a “call to action” to the guests, to celebrate the bride & groom on the most important day of their lives. Not only the couple will enjoy the delight thrown into the air, but the family and friends as well.

Look at how the photographers have captured the joy and delight in any wedding day with confettis.

Happy moments of confettis
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wedding confetti thrown away by kid
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the kissing moments
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As the world begins to be more aware of hazards to the nature and cleanliness, many wedding vendors are using natural or biodegradable supplies as confettis.

Here are some suggestions on how you can celebrate while also protecting our mother earth.


Flowers not only comes in different colours that provides the vibrance to the confettis, but the fragrance keeps the air fresh and lovely. Common choice of fragrant flowers are rose, lavender, jasmine, and gardenia.

We may not have to worry about the flowers thrown if the wedding is at the outdoor garden, as it will naturally be composted on the grounds. But if it’s a private place, then we have to make sure that it is cleaned up.

floral confetti
Confetti Floral by Nature
Leaves and Herbs

While some may think that leaves are more dull and doesn’t have good smells, they are wrong then. of course leaves may have more limited colours, but we can always play around with the colours of dried and fresh leaves.

Some plants do have good aroma as well if we are using leaves like eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme and mints.

You can also make different shapes out of leaves by using a hole punch or with the ones with creative shapes that can be easily bought from the stationery shops. It may take a little effort, but the effect on the wedding day will keep you and your guests happy.

natural leaves confetti
Eucalyptus Leaves & Rose Petals
Confetti Event Zen

Bubbles is a good choice if we want to avoid the clean up of the venue after the event. But it could be controversial towards the environment, unless we are using natural based soaps to create the bubbles.

Bubble confetti
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bubbles confetti
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Bird Seeds

If you are a bird lover, bird seeds is a creative idea as confettis. The birds around the area will help you to clean up the venue by eating it. Imagine your guests will not only be your friends and family, but birds and the nature. What a beautiful scene it will be. Even if they do not finish it up, it’s a natural thing and it will decomposed on the grounds.

Just be sure to check if there are birds around your wedding venue, otherwise you’ll have to get somebody to clean it up.

Remind the Photographer

If you have prepared confettis for the celebration, be sure to remind your photographer about it. It will take the perfect moment for them to capture the happiness and expressions of everyone. Well, you cannot be expecting everyone to pick up the confettis from the ground and throw it again for the photography shoot. You wouldn’t want that either.